MC-3.1 SMART CLOCK SD by Mutec

MC-3.1 SMART CLOCK SD offers the same audio clock functionalities of the MC-3 SMART CLOCK, but also offers a standard definition (SD) video reference generator for supporting PAL and NTSC SD video sync signals such as Black + Burst or composite sync as well as the respective color bars. Two additional video outputs are available on the rear side of the housing. Thus, audio clocks and video references are all available at the same time to synchronize complete audio/video facilities.

The MC-3.1 auto-detects integer relationships between the adjusted video standards and basic clock rate. This applies especially when PAL is selected as the video reference and the basic clock rate (WCLK BASIC) is set to 48.0kHz, 96.0kHz or 192.0kHz. In that case, the AES/EBU and S/PDIF generators use the video frame to lock the Z-preamble of the AES channel block start, aligned to AES11-1997/2003 and EBU R83-1996.