iD, Ultra Low-Jitter Audio Clock Distributer and Generator by Mutec

The iD works mainly as a 16-channel Word Clock distributor, which is expandable to 20 outputs. Internally based on the lowest-jitter DDS technology of MUTEC’s well-known iCLOCK, the iD is also able to work as a precision stand-alone clock generator for Word Clock, AES/EBU and S/PDIF.

Due to its internal synthesizer-based signal processing, the iD farexceeds the signal quality and feature-set of ordinary clock distributors from other manufacturers. Once the frequency synthesizer is locked to an external reference, all outputs signals are continuously available with same Ultra low-jitter quality – independently whether the input signal is of bad quality, interrupted or even lost.

The 16 Word Clock outputs of the iD are organized in 8 pairs. Individual clock multipliers and dividers can be assigned to every pair of outputs, which results in a unique number of 36 output clock rates in total of a frequency range from 8.0kHz to 24.576MHz. Further outstanding features are a, varispeed function with +/- 20%, support of all digidesign ProTools™ DSD- and DXD clock rates, digital audio format conversions between AES/EBU, S/PDIF and AES/EBUid, editing of the status bits of the AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs, adjustment level of the Word Clock outputs for longer cable runs plus much more.
For broadcast installations, the iD offers the same functionalities for fail-safe processing of the inputs signals of MUTEC’s critically acclaimed “iCLOCK”. These being the sequential or cyclic synchronization of the input signal with adjustable lock times and unique SoftRelock function.

The iD is also available as a special broadcast version with two redundant power supplies, called: "iDdp". The anre is also optional 4-way Word Clock interface,  iD-WCO-4