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  • New 'Affordable Audiophile' London Studio Chooses Quested Monitoring System

    August 18 2009

    Ex-Turnkey Managing Director Rupert Pfaff has just opened a new canalside recording studio in East London; The Limehouse, which is billed as providing audiophile recording at affordable prices, and from the looks of what's on offer it certainly seems to deliver.  Rupert said "We spent a considerable amount of time auditioning various high-end monitors, but always found ourselves coming back to the Questeds for their superbly detailed yet unfatiguing sound, particularly in the crucial mid-range.  Eventually we settled on a pair of VS3208s with dual VS1112 subwoofers to provide a fully active 4-way system. We're really happy with the sound - in fact, one client said that "he could bathe in it!"  The studio has already seen action for the 25th Anniversary Remix of Simply Red's 'Money's Too Tight', and new projects from top producers Gareth Jones and Elliot Mazer.

    Contact The Limehouse:

    0800 678 5878

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