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  • AMT releases first large diaphragm Studio Microphones

    February 19 2008

    AMT (Applied Microphone Technology) releases companies first large Diaphragm Studio Vocal (AMT 350) and Overhead (AMT 404) Microphones.

    As the demand for the AMT Studio / Pro Series grows, request for the same concept in a large diaphragm microphone has grown larger and larger. AMT has been working on developing the AMT 350 for a number of years now, paying attention "detail" as in all of the AMT products. Pure natural sound reproduction un-altered with high definition suitable for many applications is the company’s goal in manufacturing. "Musicians work there whole life to create a personal sound and AMT works to reproduce those sounds as the artist intends them to be heard". - AMT

    The AMT 350 large diaphragm studio microphone is designed to record vocals and instruments on classic analog and the popular growing digital format. With a cardioid pattern, the 350 is designed to be used in front of guitar cabinets, acoustic guitars, vocals, and acoustic instruments. The microphone comes complete with hard shell case and clip for mounting to a microphone stand. The 350 incorporates an element nearly an inch in diameter with a thickness of 6 microns of gold on the diaphragm which gives it it's wide frequency range and stellar sensitivity. The AMT 404 Overhead Microphones are sold in pairs. The AMT 404 is cardioid microphone designed for live sound reinforcement and studio applications. The 404’s can withstand high sound pressure levels (SPL). They have an extended frequency response which makes it ideal for recording musical instruments as well as choirs, speech, and vocalist of all types.

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