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  • AMT launch Wi5 Radio mic

    February 20 2008
    The AMT Wi-5 complete wireless system is the ultimate in a non belt pack professional grade woodwind and brass wireless microphone.  Based on AMT's Roam 1 Elite, the Wi-5 is the next generation in belt pack free wireless technology.   

    The Wi-5 is the first ever multi-channel (16), belt pack free wireless system.  Special modifications have been set in place in order to achieve AMT's best setup to date.  AMT's newly designed wireless system is mounted on the main shaft of the microphone to allow for the most balanced clip-on, wireless beltpack free wireless system on the market.   AMT has addressed all crucial issues that one would search for when looking for a high-end instrument microphone.  Common concerns such as gain before feedback, frequency response, and keeping the most accurate and natural sound possible are once again present on the Wi-5 system.  The AMT Wi-5 comes complete with the microphone accented in blue and suspended in AMT Iso-ring technology, a 16 channel AMT wireless transmitter attached to the microphone, AMT's "Universal Clamp", and a receiver with XLR, 1/4 inch outputs, plus power supply.  In the very near future, look out for  the AMT Wi5 custom systems for violin, flute, and acoustic guitar as well as hand held vocal and belt pack wireless systems.

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