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  1. Hard-wired acoustic Guitar microphone systems Hard-wired acoustic Guitar microphone systems (by AMT in Microphones)

    Miniature Clamp-on acoustic Guitar microphones

  2. Harmonica Systems (HR1 & HR2) Harmonica Systems (HR1 & HR2) (by AMT in Microphones)

    miniature hand-held harmonica microphone

  3. LS Microphone, Systems LS Microphone, Systems (by AMT in Microphones)

    For Saxophones and Brass

  4. M40 Piano Microphone System M40 Piano Microphone System (by AMT in Microphones)

    True acoustic microphone system designed for piano

  5. MICROTECH GEFELL MICROTECH GEFELL (by Microtech Gefell in Microphones)

    Precision-mechanical and electro-acoustical works of art!